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Jan 04
dashboard warning light

Dashboard Warning light

If your car warning light has come on then your cars on board computer has recorded one or more faults with the engine management system. The engine management controls the various systems which operate the the fuel injection system and exhaust emissions which allows the smooth running of your engine. If your engine emissions light has come on then you will need to give us a call to book your car in for a diagnostic check. Car diagnostics is an essential aspect of any car/vehicle repairs, not everyone can do it however. The reason for this is they simply don't want to get tied down for too long on any one vehicle, as it can cost them time and money. At Clear Vehicle Diagnostics we offer diagnostics to most makes and models of vehicles and we are not bothered about spending the necessary time on the one vehicle. To get to the cause of a problem you first need to know how the system works and the symptoms of the problem. If you don't know how a particular system works then some research is needed before attempting to diagnose the problem. Our team has the latest diagnostic equipment and all the latest software updates for vehicle diagnostics, which is essential for modern day cars. Diagnostic work starts with a good knowledge and understanding of how systems work, so before we plug in any diagnostic equipment we first think about the problem and then examine the symptoms. We have 20 years of experience and therefore we can make very informed decisions. This alone can point us in the right direction and sometimes even fix the problem before any technological diagnostic checks are performed. These diagnostic checks consist of connecting our diagnostic equipment to your vehicle and examining any fault codes that may be stored in its onboard computer. This will give us an understanding of which onboard system may be at fault. The next step is to examine the electronic live engine data (if the engine runs). This will give us live info on engine behaviour, and from this we will get to the root of the problem.